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SmileFaith Dental Labs is a 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to crafting artfully aesthetic dental restorations. Our team of highly skilled technicians utilizes state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to ensure that each restoration is created with unmatched accuracy. With the use of Primescan, our technicians provide unparalleled predictable outcomes with every restoration. If your office is not digital, no worries we can easily convert your impressions to a digital format. The SmileFaith Dental Labs team has over 30 years dental lab experience we can ensure that all our products will need little, to no chairside adjustments. Your patient satisfaction is our #1 goal and our personal touch is what makes us SmileFaith.

SmileFaith Dental Labs is program of SmileFaith Foundation, Inc. Each time your practice sends a prescription you are helping to provide smiles for our under-served Veterans. Thank you for your support, and “Thank you Veterans for your great service!”


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Our masterfully skilled technicians work together with dental offices to guarantee predictable results every time. We agree each patient should leave your office ecstatic with their outcome and excited to return for future services.

It is our goal at SmileFaith Dental Labs to be a bridge between office and patient that is seamless, fabricating lab restorations with near perfect precision. Through our “SEND-A-CASE” portal your digital practice can link with our dental lab immediately so that we can begin your ever-important case cutting down your turnaround time considerably. We want every interaction and case you have with us to be not only efficient but enjoyable.

With our fully digital workflow and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, we can fabricate your restorations with pinpoint accuracy increasing efficiency and cutting down chair time which translates to a tremendous time and financial savings. SmileFaith Dental Labs is a program that is part of the SmileFaith Foundation, Inc. located in New Port Richey, FL.  Every lab case you send to SmileFaith Dental Labs translates to a donation and that donation is 100% charitable.  With each case you are helping under-served Veterans get the dental care they so desperately need!

Does your dental practice want to get more involved with SmileFaith? You can earn CE credits while having a fun team-building experience. We are actively looking for volunteer dental teams with a heart to serve, to join “Team SmileFaith.” Click here for more info!


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SmileFaith Dental Labs is a program of SmileFaith Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. You will receive a charitable
tax receipt for any case you send to SmileFaith Dental Labs!

100% Tax Deductible


SmileFaith Dental Labs
5790 High Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652
Phone: 727-999-5263
MON-FRI 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Crowns & Bridges

Our all-ceramic crowns and bridges are fabricated with the latest CAD/CAM technology. They can be crafted as monolithic zirconia restorations or layered with porcelain for added esthetics. Every precisely crafted restoration you receive from SmileFaith Dental Labs will offer exceptional strength, esthetics, and quality. Your patients will never have to worry about restorations that do not disappear among their natural dentition. Instead, they can expect to receive a dental solution that will provide durability and renew their smile.

Screw-Retained Implant Crown

Our screw-retained crowns provide your patients with the stability of a normal implant but will also protect them from one of the leading causes of implant failure, which is excess cement left below the margin during oral surgery. By using a screw instead of cement to secure the crown to the abutment, there is no longer a risk of leftover cement. These restorations are crafted out of or quality abutments which are paired with our durable and aesthetically pleasing all ceramic crowns.

Custom Abutments

Our custom abutments are excellent replacements for your patient’s no longer viable teeth. We utilize your patient’s impression to fabricate an abutment that will mimic the emergence and shape of the previous detention. These abutments will be designed to perfectly fit the implant and support the surrounding gum tissue. They can be used at both bone and tissue level. Their aesthetics are also superior to standard abutments. By choosing patient-specific abutments, you ensure patient satisfaction.

Full Denture

SmileFaith Dental Lab’s full denture restorations provide edentulous patients with a comfortable fit, and function. Fabricated using our revolutionary digital platform, these dentures are easier, faster, and offer a superior alternative to denture creation. Created using a digital file, replacing a broken or lost prosthesis is quick and simple. These dentures are color stable, porosity-free, and possess less residual monomer than conventional dentures.

Partial Denture

Restore the confidence of your partially edentulous patients with our partial dentures. We utilize our revolutionary digital platform to fabricate high-quality partial dentures more efficiently. This removable solution provides heightened security for patients as it saves their prosthesis in a digital file, which ensures rapid replacement if lost or broken. These partial dentures eliminate the risk of distortion and shrinkage, are color stable, porosity-free, and possess less residual monomer than their conventional counterparts.

Surgical Guides

SmileFaith Dental Lab’s surgical guides will help make oral surgery more accurate and predictable. These guides are designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology and will make placing implants faster. They provide optimal implant positioning, angulation, and depth. Your patients will be highly satisfied with the consistent results you will get from using surgical guides, and this will create repeat business for your practice, and a happy client base that will return for years to come.

Night Guards

Night guards are a necessary device that often gets overlooked. To ensure the safety and health of your bruxing patient’s detention, prescribe our patient-specific night guards. Utilizing your patient’s impression, we will fabricate a night guard that comfortably, and securely fits over their teeth during sleep. The hard acrylic will provide a necessary barrier to protect their teeth. Our night guards work for minimal to extreme bruxing.


SmileFaith Dental Lab’s accurate wax-ups will help your patients visualize the result of thier cosmetic restoration. It will also help by allowing examination of crown length, anatomy, and occlusion. Take the guesswork out of prescribing restorations, and use our wax-ups to produce predictable, and reliable results for every case that you can count on. This is the easiest way to guarantee the most accuracy when servicing your patients.


Our Temporaries are an excellent solution for patients requiring additional protection and strength while their permanent solution is created. Our temporaries are fabricated using the latest CAD/CAM technologies and provide natural looking esthetics. They also give your patient the necessary stabilization and function they will need until they get their permanent restoration.

Zirconia Framework

SmileFaith Dental Lab’s zirconia framework provides high esthetics and strength for single to multi-unit bridge restorations. Zirconia is milled to form copings, which are then layered over with porcelain for high esthetic value. The zirconia substructure provides extreme durability and, with it’s level of translucency, works as a superior esthetic restoration over traditional metal products.